Unlock Your Potential: Live Workshops for Career Advancement

Discover how to leverage your strengths, seize opportunities, and navigate challenges with confidence. From mastering new technologies to honing leadership skills, each workshop is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s competitive job market.

Workshop Objectives:
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Week 1: Introduction to Web Development

Session 1-2: Introduction to Web Technologies

Overview of the internet and the World Wide Web. Basics of client-server architecture. Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Session 3-4: HTML Fundamentals

Understanding HTML structure: elements, tags, attributes. Semantic HTML for better accessibility and SEO. Hands-on: Creating a basic webpage with HTML.

Session 5-6: CSS Fundamentals

Introduction to CSS: selectors, properties, values. CSS box model and layout techniques. Hands-on: Styling the webpage created earlier with CSS.

Week 2: Intermediate Web Development

Session 7-8: Responsive Web Design

Importance of responsive design in modern web development. Using media queries for responsive layouts. Hands-on: Making the webpage responsive.

Session 9-10: Introduction to JavaScript

Basics of JavaScript: variables, data types, operators. Control structures: conditionals and loops. Hands-on: Adding interactivity with JavaScript.

Session 11-12: DOM Manipulation

Understanding the Document Object Model (DOM). Manipulating HTML elements dynamically with JavaScript. Hands-on: Creating interactive features on the webpage.

Week 3: Advanced Web Development

Session 13-14: Introduction to Front-End Frameworks (e.g., React or Vue.js)

Overview of front-end frameworks and their benefits. Introduction to component-based architecture. Hands-on: Building a simple application with a front-end framework.

Session 15-16: Version Control with Git

Understanding version control concepts. Basics of Git: repositories, commits, branches. Hands-on: Managing project versions with Git.

Session 17-18: Introduction to Back-End Development

Overview of back-end development concepts. Introduction to server-side languages (e.g., Node.js, Python). Hands-on: Building a basic server and API.

Week 4: Project Development and Deployment

Session 19-20: Project Development

Collaborative project work: participants work in teams to develop a web application.
Mentored support and guidance from instructors.
Hands-on: Developing and testing the project.

Session 21-22: Deployment and Hosting

Overview of web hosting options. Deploying the web application to a hosting platform (e.g., azure, AWS). Hands-on: Deploying the project to a live server.

Session 23-24: Project Presentations and Wrap-Up

Projects Presentation